For most of us medical aid is simply an important part of life, however in truth it was first presented in the 1950’s in America and just started out in  South Africa in the 1980’s. The first medical aid items in South Africa began as medical facility money back items, these items are still offered in numerous nations worldwide.


When medical aid initially started in  South Africa in the mid 1980’s this was among the only items on the marketplace, and by 1989 there were even more than 50 000 policies offered in South Africa. This increased drastically in the very early 1990’s with the aid of direct advertising and ads in the press.

The first medical aids to be offered in South Africa was just offered on a group basis, however by the very early 1990’s specific policy holders might get medical cover for themselves.  By 1991 there were at least 13 various South African insurance cover businesses providing medical aids or significant medical policies to individuals.

Remarkably enough the  illness cover that the majority of most medical aids provides throughout the world was first established in South Africa in the mid 1980’s. Right after the  illness cover was set up handicap items were likewise put on the market. And therefore by this time medical aid began to resemble exactly what we understand today, however it still had a long way to get to where it is today.

By 1994 the yearly premiums for  illness and handicap cover reached about 21 million, indicating that a lot of friends and family were acquiring medical aids to offer them comfort for when the unexpected might occur to them, whilst at the exact same time the overall premiums in SA for wellness cover reached R582 million.

By 1998 the marketplace was genuinely flourishing and the yearly premiums for illness conditions and handicap had actually grown to  R 535 million whilst premiums for long-term wellness cover had actually reached R870 million. This indicated that by the late 1990’s the medical aid market in South Africa was genuinely growing, with an increasing number of friends capitalizing on the comfort that medical aid cover brings.

Because that time most medical insurance coverage business have actually included a long list of various items to their lists, consisting of HIV AIDS cover, and due to the fact that South Africa is among the nations with the greatest rate of HIV AIDS infection it was a turning point day when the first medical aid scheme presented a program particularly made for the requirements of those infected with AIDS.

Medical programs are continuously altering themselves to match the requirements of the responsible person and household and therefore in a couple of years’ time medical aid business will have a long list of various items available to match the demands of everyone in South Africa. Hence there is no understanding exactly what brand-new items will be on the marketplace in a couple of years’ time.

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